A woman sitting on the steps of a building

About me

I am Christy DeSantis and I started Fiducia Coaching to share my learnings and expertise with women seeking inspiration and professional growth.

I have often described myself as having a rock-and-roll relationship with confidence – sometimes I rock it, and other times I have had to roll with feelings of defeat that consume me. So, I’ve been there and, having successfully navigated complex corporate environments, I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges many women face across all career levels.

Professional experience

I am a marketing and communications executive with nearly three decades of work experience in Fortune 500 corporate and agency settings. I am a certified executive coach and a member of the Association for Coaching. As seen in Harvard Business Review, Time, Fast Company, Community of Seven, and Medium, to name a few.

Coaching and mentoring

Investing in people is my center of gravity. I have spent years mentoring and coaching, placing particular emphasis on confidence, executive presence, and career development.

Cultivating confidence

I have listened to hundreds of women talk about their lack of belief in their own capability, fear of failure, anxiety about speaking up and hesitation to apply for promotions as inhibiting factors to their professional or personal growth. I take the time to get to know them, actively listen to their experiences, and collaborate with them to develop a plan to address their challenges.

Being a confidence ally is powerful. It can make the difference in someone's career – and many who are advocates and allies in the workplace find it enriches their personal lives as well. I also spend time coaching and mentoring those in business environments who want to help reduce those moments of low confidence that their colleagues experience. I provide concrete tips and guidance for how to boost confidence, be role models for allyship, and positively impact culture and team dynamics.

Core values

I’m committed to providing everyone with the best possible experience when working with me. I treat every client with integrity, respect, compassion, and professionalism, and provide a caring, candid, and seasoned perspective.