1:1 coaching

My services include personalized coaching for those at all levels, to help enhance their personal and professional growth, improve resilience in tough moments, and reach career aspirations.

  • An intensive, 90-minute individual session
  • 5-week coaching program (60-minute sessions)
  • Ongoing coaching services for six to twelve months or more

Group Coaching

While it is fantastic that so many companies are enthusiastically supporting coaching for executives at the top, it's the early-to-mid career employees who are poised to take the business to the next level. Why wouldn't we invest in them as well? I offer group coaching for employees at all stages of their careers, to help them with techniques for how to be resilient in the moments when they need confidence. My group coaching modules include solutions for tough topics that people want to learn about, such as:

  • Being more visible
  • Navigating perfectionism
  • Finding your voice
  • Interacting with leadership
  • Handling critical feedback
  • Building strong working relationships
  • Being an ally

Custom Programs

I partner with company leaders to identify their needs and create right-size programs that address their specific challenges. From helping leaders to become better allies, to growing a thriving culture where employees feel seen and heard, this work can assist companies in retaining great talent and fostering collaborative environments.


I have been an invited keynote speaker or panelist for a variety of events at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to nonprofits. Some of my most popular topics for guest speaking engagements include being a confidence ally, unlocking your inner champion, having a voice at the table, what it means to be resilient, and nobody has all of the answers. Interested in having me join your event? Click on the contact page or the contact button below.

Confidence workshop

‘Inspiring Confidence – Unlocking Your Inner Champion’ is an interactive, one-hour group workshop and is open to all. For any organization or group looking to provide tools to elevate collaboration, personal growth, business performance, and more, this workshop guides participants through the “how to” of appearing and feeling confident, battling imposter syndrome, owning their stories and acknowledging their value, and maintaining a self-affirming mindset. It helps inspire people to be their most confident, best selves at work. It can be facilitated virtually or in person.

Client Testimonials

Alex C

Senior Marketing Manager

“If you’re seeking a professional mentor and coach who doesn’t just teach you but invests in you and your growth, Christy is that professional. Positivity radiates from Christy every time I connect with her, and it’s truly genuine. She helped me navigate a very stressful period in my professional career.”


Director, Head of Supplier Diversity

“While Christy’s passion is coaching, it is evident that she has a great deal of hands-on business experience that she draws from. She helped me tap into my strengths and be more aware of my beliefs, habits, and behaviors to start a path of lasting change. She identified self-doubt as an issue that hindered my professional growth and worked with me to build my confidence to take on calculated risks and embrace new possibilities while helping to navigate my career obstacles.”

Isis F

Senior DEI Manager

“Christy has been an incredible partner and expert for Carta. She delivered a packed session that still felt like a relaxed pace, and the feedback was phenomenal. Not only did we see great turnout and engagement for a hyper growth tech company whose people are very judicious with how they spend their time, but the content resonated deeply and Cartans were eager to hear more.”

Adam F

Creative Director

"Working with Christy was such an eye-opening experience. She’s an astute listener who really helped me when I was in a tough spot career-wise. The way she engaged and asked questions really helped me reevaluate my perspective. I started hearing myself for the first time and learned to identify the steps I needed to take to become a more confident individual and a more compelling leader."